Echo from Pedigree commercial gets adopted!

Here it is the brand new commercial of Echo the dog from the Pedigree Adoption ad. Echo has been ADOPTED and has a brand new happy home! Way to go Echo! Now Echo lives with a family in California. If you have seen the first Echo pedigree adoption commercial you'll love this one.

This is a quote from the PR Newwire about Echo.

"When the PEDIGREE(R) Brand first met Echo at a Los Angeles shelter, she
was confused but there was hope in her eyes. Every time someone walked by her cage, it was as if she ran up to audition. She smiled, her ears perked up and she came in close for a belly rub -- leaving everyone wondering how a dog like this, or any dog for that matter, could end up in a shelter.

Fortunately, Echo, now 1-year-old, is thriving in a beautiful
home overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Palos Verdes Estates, California. Echo's new family has provided her with a life
that consists of long walks on nature trails,
a large backyard and plenty of siblings -- one dog, one
bird, two cats and a dozen exotic fish.
It's a wonderfully-far cry from the shelter".

What can we do as animals lovers? Here is more from the newswire
This year in addition to the ad campaign, the PEDIGREE(R) Brand put out the call-to-action to dog lovers to help them raise more than one million dollars for the cause of dog adoption, and to date, nearly $750,000 has been donated. Those who still want to show their support for the cause canmake a donation over the course of the year by logging onto All contributions are tax-deductible and benefit The PEDIGREE AdoptionDrive Foundation, a new non-profit organization that provides funding to select animal shelters and breed rescues nationwide.

"As the brand that loves dogs, we want to ensure we're maximizing our
efforts to help these four-legged friends in need, and creating The
PEDIGREE Adoption Drive Foundation seemed like the natural next step," said Anton. "We know there are people out there who love dogs but may not be ready to care for one full-time. This foundation gives them an easy way to get involved and help us help dogs."

In addition to making a direct donation to the foundation, there are
several other ways dog lovers can take part in The PEDIGREE(R) Adoption Drive:

-- Purchase merchandise from the Dogs rule.(R) line, a collection of
merchandise for dog lovers available on Proceeds from the sale of Dogs rule.(R) items benefit the foundation.

-- Dog owners can purchase PEDIGREE(R) products.* Donations from product sales will benefit the foundation.

-- Those who adopt a dog from a local shelter or breed rescue anytime
during 2008 are eligible for a FREE, one-month supply of food as a
thank you from PEDIGREE(R) Brand.

To learn more about adoption, view the ads and find a shelter near you,
visit PEDIGREE(R) Brand products are available at grocery, pet specialty and mass merchandise outlets nationwide. For more news about PEDIGREE(R) Brand, log onto


Lisa said...

I love Echo. I am so glad he has been adopted.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for Echo. It broke my heart when I saw that commercial and it is nice to be able to follow up and see what happens. Have a great life Echo!

ashley said...

The first time I saw Echo I wanted to cry. She's such a beautiful dog & I wanted to find her to adopt her for myself. I'd shout at the tv, "Don't be sad Echo, I want to take you home!" Now that she has been adopted I'm happy for her because I do not have the money or big enoug home to give her the life she deserves anyway.
I love you Echo & want you to live a long & wonderful life with your new family!!!

Anonymous said...

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