Hi, my name is Gino and I think it is a glorious name. I am a bichon frise. I was found by a really nice man who brought me to Almost Home Animal Haven. I was wandering around looking for my family. The man said my family moved and left me but I didn't believe it. I found out he was right.

You see, I am about six years old and, although that isn't really old, I have an illness called Cushing's Disease. Any other place would have put me to sleep but not Almost Home. Instead, they have done everything you can imagine to make me adoptable. I was matted so badly when I came to Almost Home. My ears were a mess and so were my eyes. Almost Home had me groomed so I would look pretty and feel good. And I was feeling better after they did that. But they noticed that I was always hungry, thirsty and my hair was thin in areas.

They took me to the vet and that's when the vet said he thought I had Cushing's. I got really scared because the volunteer lady started to cry. The vet said he would do lots of tests with lots of bloodwork. He said not to worry because if I had the "right" kind of Cushing' s, I could live a wonderful life with the right medication. The nice lady volunteer hugged me and kissed me and told me she would do everything she could do to make me feel good and be adoptable. She gave me more love then anyone in my whole life did. I wasn't scared anymore because she gave me confidence. And, guess what? It turned out I had the "right" kind of Cushing's! Yippee! I will be able to get well and live a happy life in a forever home!

I am on my medication now and I've been neutered, too. I'm ready now for my loving, forever, responsible home. Everyone at Almost Home says there is someone out there for me. Someone who will love me, take care of me and let me love them back. My name is Gino and I love it when I hear my name. My name is Gino and it is a glorious name. My name is Gino and I love the sound of it because it is the name Almost Home has given me.

Please fill out an online application for our darling Gino. Please let him know that family really does mean forever.
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