Cooper is Blind but waiting for a home!

More About Cooper- BLIND

Meet Cooper! He's got quite a sad story...but hopefully it will have a happy ending when he finds a new home.
Despite being blind, Cooper is a happy little Havanese...at least we're pretty sure that's what he is. He was pulled from a local animal shelter so we aren't able to ask his previous family about him. He was a shaggy mess when we pulled him but now that he's been to the groomer he's quite the handsome little man!.
Our vet thinks he is about 9 years old, which isn't old for such a little dog. He weighs less than 9 pounds. He's been heartworm tested, and given all his vaccines. Cooper's teeth are quite bad, and he has a heart murmer. There is a chance the heart murmer is caused from his bad teeth and bacteria getting into his blood stream. He will require blood work and chest x-rays to see if he is well enough to handle anesthesia to have a dental cleaning done. We are hoping that enough people will read this and offer donations to help us pay for these procedures. Click the Donate button to help!

As for his blindness, he has cateracts in both eyes. He does bump into walls often, but his blindness is no way deters him from enjoying life. He takes stairs like a pro, jumps off and on the sofa by himself, and comes when called. He is a VERY HAPPY DOG! The only issues I'm having with him is that my cats and dogs do not know he's blind, so they just think he is rude when he walks into them instead of around them. My cat has whacked him in the face a few times already.
He is fully crate trained and sleeps quietly through the night. He wants nothing more than to lay on your lap or beside you. He occasionally gets riled up and barks and jumps and has tried to get my dogs to play with him. Unfortunately, he is not fully housebroken. I've only had for a week and there is real progress, however he is still lifting his leg in the house if I don't stay on top of him. It's possible that his previous family allowed him to potty in the house on newspapers or puppy pads because he always wants to go to my basement to go potty. He does love to be outside and happily goes anytime I ask him to. I don't think it will be too difficult to eventually housebreak him.
Because of the special needs Cooper has, a home visit will be required prior to his adoption. His adoption donation is $250. If you would like more information, to donate towards Cooper's medical bills, or an application for adoption, please email info@sheltertohome.com.

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