Frankie @ Michigan Humane Society Detroit

Personally, I think it gives me a totally unique, all-me look!!!! So who am I????
My name is FRANKIE and I'm about 2 years young right now, which means I'm all grown up! But I still have a lot of puppy energy, so......my brand new, forever family should be ready for me to take them for walks around my new neighborhood, be able to learn how to play with doggy toys like balls and maybe frisbees and just plain old bouncing around the yard kind of companion doggy fun stuff!
Also, you should know that I am a pretty affectionate guy, which I know is really important and will make it that much easier for all of us to become best-ever buddies.
So why am I looking for my perfect new, forever home???? Well, somehow I became lost and no one ever ever came looking for me! I'm all safe and warm and well-fed here at the shelter, but it's just not the same as having my own family. I'm all up to date with my shots, but I still need to be neutered, which is included in my adoption fees. Also, look at my eye - I have what's called "cherry eye" and what that means is that my third eyelid became infected (happens to us cocker types) and ended up looking like this. Be sure and talk with my adoption counselor and my veterinarian about this - it has to be fixed when I have my surgery and will be included in my adoption fees.So, when am I going to meet you????
FRANKIE should have lots of toys to play with and chew on in his new, forever home, as well as his own crate to help him polish up his house manners. Kids would be great but they should be old enough to know how to be responsible both in play and with general care of FRANKIE. All interactions with kids should be supervised. Also, please consider having FRANKIE microchipped at the time of his adoption.

How to adopt FRANKIE!
The adoption fee includes sterilization surgery, age-appropriate vaccinations, and the Michigan Humane Society 10-day health plan. For more information, please visit or call the Michigan Humane Society Detroit Center for Animal Care at 313-872-3400.

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