Shawna (no longer available)

Very gentle and sweet – ask me to strike a pose!

Hello and thank you for finding me on the web. My name is Shawna and I am a year and a half years old . My fur is a mix of brown and white – I have white boots and chin, and the rest is warm brown. I weigh 9 pounds and I am simply a cuddly ball of love. I am waiting here for my forever home. Could it be yous? What is also very important is that I have already been spayed, so once you decide you want to take me home with you, I can go the same day!

More about me

I am a very sweet, little kitty cat. I love to be pet, picked up and held for a little while. I am curious and like to check things around me - see me on the photos? yet for the most part I am a laid back girl who likes to lounge and observe. I am also very cuddly – I will rub on you to get your attention and relax right next to you. I love attention – will you scratch me behind my ears? Please give me some extra time to get used to my new surroundings. Because of my friendliness and laid back attitude I should be a great company for small children. Please remember to supervise our interaction, as I may be a bit shy and not that fond of being constantly picked up. If you have pets at home, please take some time and introduce us slowly.

How to adopt!

So are you looking to make a faithful friend? Please come to the Shelter. The adoption fee includes sterilization surgery, age-appropriate vaccinations and the Michigan Humane Society 10-day health plan. For more information, please visit or call the Michigan Humane Society Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care at 248-852-7420 and ask for Shawna. You’ll be glad you did .

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